With an active client base and our own development requirements, we are always looking to acquire land, with or without planning consent.

With over thirty years experience and excellent partnerships with architects and planning consultants, we are able to maximise the development potential of your land.

Should you feel you have a development opportunity, we are able to evaluate the planning possibilities of your site. Subsequently, and if you so wish, we can make an offer to purchase the land subject to us obtaining the relevant planning approval.

Why Is Selling ‘Subject To Planning’ A Good Idea?

For you:

  1. You lead the procedure
  2. A professional planning application will be submitted by an experienced team, free of charge.
  3. You will not incur any agents fees and minimal solicitors fees.
  4. A guaranteed and agreed price for your land that you are happy with.

For us:

  1. A scheme designed in house which will not require costly amendments.
  2. Confidence that the proposal best suits our working practices.
  3. Early development of a relationship with, more often than not, your new neighbours.

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